Defining oneself is always complicated, as the risk of subjectivity is high.

If I were to define myself in a few keywords, I would choose the following: idealistic / benevolent / curious / passionate / Multipotentialite.

If I were to sum myself up in one sentence: Nothing surprises me, yet I’m amazed by everything.

I’d wager that wordplay like « thank you » or « you’re welcome » crosses people’s minds when I introduce myself. I take it in stride with humor, as I consider self-deprecation the finest quality. Self-deprecation is the ability to take a step back from both a situation and oneself. What could be more pertinent than taking these steps back to explore the world and seek to understand it?

I was born in 1991 in a small Colombian town called Bogota. I was adopted and arrived in France at the age of 15 months. Looking back, it’s astounding what can occur in the mind of a baby beginning life in one country and continuing in another, especially when the cultures are distinct. I also like to believe that being born and living in different hemispheres strongly contributes to what I consider my open-mindedness.

This open-mindedness blends both pragmatism and idealism, lucidity and hope, observation and action. In short, a subtle mix of contradictions that have animated me from a young age. I adore contradictions. They allow you to step out of your comfort zone, and I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone. I also enjoy getting others out of their comfort zones, because I genuinely believe in humans and their potential.

This is what I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to, and it’s a true mission: to develop potential in all those who desire it, by working on the contradictions that drive us. It’s no small task, as it’s essentially tackling human nature. But it’s not impossible, quite the opposite. It simply requires a lot of patience and hard work. I’m patient, and I enjoy working.

To fulfill this mission, it’s also crucial to be benevolent, to have a favorable disposition towards others. In other words, it’s wanting the best for them. It seems so simple, and yet… Being benevolent is understanding one’s strengths, but also one’s weaknesses. Being benevolent is not only for others, but also for oneself. That too is simple, and yet…

Being curious is also important. I’m very curious. Looking back, it would have been amusing to count how many times I asked questions starting with « why » or « how ». Then, it would have been interesting to calculate how many answers I would have received and of what type. Finally, it would be relevant to count the number of searches I’ve conducted, whether in the library, on the internet, through others, but above all, in books. Today, I still ask questions that begin with « why » and « how ». The difference is that I always find forms of answers, and quality ones. Why? Because I’m passionate. How? By not giving up.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m patient, and I know that things happen. It’s just a matter of time. What allows me to be patient is, as I wrote just before, that I’m passionate and time disappears when we do something with passion. My passion is to question everything and anything. When I talk about it to certain people, it seems that it’s mostly about anything. I tell them it’s mostly about anything.

In short, I question, I seek, I find. Sometimes I don’t find, but as I wrote, answers always come. They always come because « everything comes to those who wait, » and « patience and time do more than strength or rage. » But they come in different forms. Sometimes it’s very concrete. Other times, it’s very abstract. The more concrete the answers are, the less interesting I find them. The more abstract they are, the more enticing I find them. But one doesn’t go without the other, so I tell myself that any question is welcome, on all the domains that existed, exist, and will exist.

This is where multipotentiality comes in. It’s very conceited to describe oneself as a multipotentialite, but it’s what best describes my daily life. I truly dabble in everything. If I’m in a musical mood, I compose. If I’m in a social mood, I meet people and chat. If I’m in an artistic mood, I draw or take photos. If I’m in a linguistic mood, I learn other languages. If I’m in a curious mood, I seek to learn new skills. If I’m in a pragmatic mood, I engage in wealth management (one of my activities). If I’m in a spiritual mood, I do readings or birth charts. If I’m in a bad mood, I do everything to change it 🙂

Describing oneself is always complicated, as the risk of subjectivity is high. But it’s precisely with this subjectivity that I’m able to more or less explain who I am to you. One thing is certain: we are all someone, and as time passes, we aspire to become someone else. That someone else is simply a better form of ourselves, for ourselves and for others. But for that, it’s good to know who we really are.

And how do we do that? Through questioning, of course.

Thank you, and see you soon.